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We are experienced in managing design and construction of Melbourne homes, with our own team or in collaboration with yours. Seamlessly blending design and construction to bring your vision to life, our approach unifies the project journey from initial sketches to final touches. Our team excels in both standalone design and construction, as well as comprehensive management of the entire process. We understand the intricacies of collaboration, ensuring every stage of your project is handled with expertise and unity.

Scenario 1: Design and Build from Scratch

1. Initial Consultation: We sit down with you to understand your vision and goals. We'll discuss what you need and want, and provide a ballpark cost to guide the project.

2. Concept Design: Our team works with you to shape your ideas into a concrete design that suits your lifestyle and taste.

3. Design Development: We refine the design, paying close attention to each detail to ensure it aligns with your vision.

4. Construction Documentation: We translate the design into detailed plans and handle permit acquisition, ensuring all legal requirements are met.

5. Construction Phase: Our experienced team builds your vision into reality, maintaining high-quality standards and keeping you updated.

6. Completion and Handover: We walk through the completed project with you to ensure satisfaction, then formally hand it over.

7. Follow-Ups: We check in at 3 and 12 months to ensure everything is functioning as intended and to address any concerns.

Scenario 2: Building from Existing Plans

1. Plan Review and Feasibility: We review your plans and provide an initial cost estimate, ensuring feasibility and alignment with your expectations.

2. Design Analysis and Value Management: We analyze your plans and suggest improvements for cost-effectiveness and functionality.

3. Detailed Estimate and Contracts: We finalize a detailed quote and draft a contract outlining our working relationship.

4. Construction Phase: We bring your plans to life with high standards of craftsmanship and constant communication.

5. Project Completion and Handover: A final walkthrough to ensure everything is perfect before handover.

6. Post-Completion Follow-Ups: Ongoing support at 3 and 12 months to ensure your satisfaction.

Scenario 3: PAC Process

1. Early Collaboration: We collaborate with your architects/designers right from the start.

2. Integrated Design Development: We ensure the design matches your vision and practical requirements.

3. Cost and Design Optimization: We align the design with your budget, focusing on functionality and style.

4. Seamless Transition to Construction: We smoothly transition from design to construction.

5. Construction and Regular Updates: We keep you informed throughout the build, focusing on quality.

6. Completion and Aftercare: We walk you through the completed project and provide long-term support.


A Build Gronow bathroom renovation is an investment in your home’s value and your personal comfort. We stand by the quality of our work with follow-up checks at 3 and 12 months to ensure your satisfaction and the enduring performance of your new bathroom.

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Get in touch to discover the elegance, comfort, and functionality of a Build Gronow transformation – where every detail is designed with you in mind, right here in Melbourne.

Get in touch to discover the elegance, comfort, and functionality of a Build Gronow transformation – where every detail is designed with you in mind, right here in Melbourne.


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